So, a toothbrush is just a toothbrush, right?  Well, that’s what I used to think!  It wasn’t until I made the switch to an electronic toothbrush that I started seeing a reduction in cavities and my teeth became much whiter.  It’s such a good investment, and today,  you get the chance to win full store credit for your very own cariPRO from Smile Brilliant.  

Way back in the day Smile Brilliant reached out and asked me to try their teeth whitening system.  It was a great system, so I knew when they reached out again in hopes of me trying their new electronic toothbrush, it would be a hit.

Is The cariPRO The Best Electronic Toothbrush?

best electric toothbrush

I had been using the Sonicare toothbrush by Phillips for a little over a year, but shortly after receiving my cariPro, my Sonicare broke…meant to be?  The cariPRO is very comparable to the Sonicare, but the cariPRO has a few more elements that I like overall. 

The cariPRO has 5 settings based on your preference.  Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitive.  I appreciate all the settings, but Clean is my favorite.  The Clean setting is the most powerful setting on the toothbrush and definitely get’s my teeth feeling super clean.  The Sonicare also has 5 settings.  Clean, White, Massage and the last two are Go Care and Max Care…I’ll admit, I never looked at my instructions to figure out what those two were supposed to do.  It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out a toothbrush, so I like the simplicity of the cariPRO settings.

I also love that the  cariPRO has a button below the power on/off button, that allows you to switch in between settings while you’re brushing your teeth.  So, If I have a sore gums on one side of my mouth, I can switch the setting to sensitive while brushing.  The Sonicare will not allow you to do this.  You have to push the toothbrush off, then switch to your desired setting and then switch the toothbrush back on…pain in the tush, hashtag first world problems, I know.

The cariPRO is very sleek and I like the darker colors.  White toothbrushes, like my former Sonicare, tend to get a little dingy over time.  I also like the shape of the cariPRO, as the face to the toothbrush is a tad bit square shaped making it easier to grip.  The charging base is small and easy to transport around if you’re traveling and I also believe the cariPRO is a tad bit lighter than my former electronic toothbrush…RIP.


  • Settings are easily adjustable while you’re brushing your teeth.
  • Settings are easy to use and understand without opening your manual.
  • It’s sleek, lightweight with a medium grey color that doesn’t get dingy.
  • The charger is small making traveling with it a breeze.
  • The price on all the cariPRO packages are completely comparable to any other electronic toothbrush, but when you support Smile Brilliant, you’re supporting a family owned business.  
  • I only have one..and a half con’s for the cariPRO.  Although I don’t really need the following item, it would be nice to have it as an option…A carrier/holder for traveling.  The second thing I’m thinking about is ease of replaceable heads.  I would have to order them online versus popping by Costco or Target.  It’s not really a big deal since you can use your toothbrush heads for an extended period of time.  I will just have to remember to put in an order for them.

I’m all for supporting a small business, and to be honest, so tired of the large corporations who own everything!  Partnering with Smile Brilliant makes me proud.  And when you win a full credit towards your own cariPRO, you will feel the same way I do when I look in the mirror every morning knowing that shopping small can make a difference.  So, is cariPRO the best toothbrush?  Welp, I can say I like it better than my Sonicare!  However, in my personal opinion, any electronic toothbrush is better than not having one at all!  Soooooo who’s ready to win one of their very own? Click HERE to enter and WIN! 🙂

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XO – Savvy

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2 thoughts on “Is The cariPRO The Best Electronic Toothbrush?

  • James Frankfort

    The Sonicare DOES allow you to switch modes while it is on. You are a blonde. Too lazy to read a manual? You are an idiot!!


      I did not realize that! Thank you for using these petty insults to educate and Inform. I didn’t realize there were sjw for electronic toothbrushes either…who would have thought!? I hope you find justice for Sonicare…would hate for such a big corporation to go down the tubes because someone doesn’t realize it can switch modes while it’s on!

      Have a blessed day and I hope more people show you kindness and use words that lift you up instead of tear you down. Seems as though you might need some of that in your life.

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