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Who’s in need of a good base routine now that summer’s in full swing? It’s so good to change your routine with each season, not to mention, how you actually execute your skincare routine. With each stage of life your skincare routine should look a bit different, as well as the products you’re using. With that being said, I’m sharing my seasonally updated Summer  skincare routine with you today, gorgeous!

But! before you start scrolling, check out my Winter Skincare Routine to make sure you’ve got all your essentials before the weather starts to turn!  Never hurts to be prepared!

glossier exfoliating skin perfector

summer skincare routine

Artistry Skincare from Amway

walgreens new beauty body wash and lotion

I’m breaking my routine down by daily, weekly and monthly to make it easy to refer back to. All products are linked, so go ahead and be curious!  Also, I’ll be sure to add the non negotiable steps you mustn’t miss for flawless skin.

Cleanser – morning & night (non negotiable)
Toner – morning only (non negotiable)
Glossier Exfoliator – night only (non negotiable) here’s 10% off your first purchase
Moisturizer – Day moisturizer w/SPF (lotion) (non negotiable)
Moisturizer – Night moisturizer w/o SPF (lotion) (non negotiable)
Eye Cream – Nightly (non negotiable)

Deep Cleansing Mask – Face
Arabica Coffee Scrub – Body

Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel – Face

Cleansing Brush
Microneedling Roller

My all time two fave products in this category right now are from Walgreens! Who’d have guessed? This lotion and body wash are the bees-knees.

I’ve used the Artistry Skin Care brand for over 5 years now and just can’t quit it.  I honestly have no idea what I would use if the brand ceased to exist one day.  I’ve tried out many cleansers, toners, moisturizers and although pretty good, just can’t beat my love for Artistry.  Yes, I can also sell all of these wonderful Artistry products.  So, if you’re interested in trying something out, let me know, I’ll send you a sample!

Here are a few tips for perfecting a wonderful Summer skincare routine.

Here are a few tips for perfecting a wonderful Winter skincare routine.

  • Always wash your face morning and night
  • Never skip your toner
  • Add a vitamin C serum (coming soon) into your routine and remember most have a shelf life of 30 days.
  • To combat dullness, use a polishing scrub weekly or how ever often your skin allows.
  • Using a serum with Alpha Hydroxy keeps your skin smooth, fresh and also helps with dullness.
  • The Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel is a fantastic at home version of a spa peel, but much more affordable.  I add this to my regimen every month.
  • A skin refinisher can do wonders and tighten large pores.
  • Invest in a good microneedling roller which helps to stimulate collagen.  You typically use the microneedling roller right before you use any serum.  So you would cleanse; tone, use your microneedling roller, serum and then moisturize.  Here is the one I use.
  • Use a silk pillowcase or eye mask or both!
  • Frequently wash your pillowcase + sheets.

Although the perfect summer skincare routine is, IMHO, a state of mind and of course dependent upon personal preference, skins tolerance and skin type.  It’s always nice to see a good base line and I believe the above list is definitely it!  Did I leave anything out?  What products do you swear by and why?  I would love for you to drop by my Insta and share your thoughts!

Have fun picking out products for your own amazing Summer skin care routine and have a wonderful day, beautiful!

XO – Savvy

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