summer shein wish list

The SheIn Wish List is still by far my most popular post to date.  So I’ve given it a makeover and updated the Wish List – enjoy!

summer shein wish list

I’m just your average woman who likes to shop.  I have an average budget and save for splurges on items I can’t get enough of and have deemed timeless.  But what happens when the things I splurge on are no longer in style and I can’t wear them?  This is when I came up with a fabulous game plan through, that I’m sharing with you today.

Clothing is expensive and good clothing is even more expensive, but trends rotate rather quickly no-a-days. With social media coming as far as it has, you’re now seeing influencers posting their spring looks in frigid winter temperatures to keep up with the ever changing fashion pace.  With trends rotating so fast it’s hard for someone like me, with an average budget, to purchase high end pieces not knowing what will stay or what will go.

This is why I turn to Shein, formerly known as She Inside.  The never ending pages of clothing contain amazing dupes and on trend pieces for a fraction of the cost.  The quality can sometimes be a hit or miss, but I always read the reviews on any particular items I want in my wardrobe.  If you need proven tips on ways to take better care of your clothing, no matter the quality, I highly suggest reading this post.

Why You Should Shop Shein + A Summer SheIn Wish List

My philosophy  for choosing to purchase from Shein comes from the fact that trends do rotate to quick for me to even keep up with sometimes. I can’t spend tons of money on clothing I’m going to store away after only one season of wearing it.  I also cannot relate to the women who drop thousands of dollars on Gucci, I’d love to though…My goal here at The Perfected Mess is to be relatable to my readers. My hope through this post is to help you come up with creative ways to stay stylish, on trend and all without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Shein to me, is relatable.  Most stay-at-home mom’s, like myself, cannot afford all the fashion all the time.  But I can afford a great dupe at a fraction of the cost and then take it to my tailor and have it altered to my liking, making it one of a kind.  Which I’m in the process of doing, I’ll let you know how it all works outs!

Bottom line, if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on trends your afraid won’t last.  Shop Shein, grab some cute dupes, have it tailored to your liking and then go splurge on those amazing, timesless pieces that wont be disappearing anytime soon.  You’ll be able to if you stick to my simple formula!

Below are a few pieces on my wish list, some already in my shopping cart!  Want to check out my previous Wish List, go here!

SheIn Summer Wishlist


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