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I will teach you how to be responsible and show you how to be a good mother“.  Those were the words whispered to me while lounging on my couch right after reading a chapter of “The Holy Spirit“.  It’s a funny thing hearing words of reassurance right when you least expect it.  I opened my eyes and gathered my thoughts.  Looking back now, I wish I wold have gotten on my knees and praised The Holy Spirit for his words of encouragement when I needed it most.  I was so taken back by the words I heard, that it took me almost a week to even tell my husband what had happened.

This encounter with the Holy Spirit took place while my husband and I were trying to have our first child.  I was anxious on the inside and unsure of myself.  Would I be a good mother?  How could I manage a home, a child, serve my husband and hold down a job? To say the very least, I was scared…scared of failing my husband, my children, myself, God…Oh, God!  Before those words of reassurance, we had tried quite a few times and I grew anxious and aggravated it would never happen.  I remember feeling defeated every time the pregnancy test came back negative.  It was a tough season…I felt like my body let me down and wondered why some women could get pregnant on the drop of a dime.  I felt let down and wondered if I was being tested.  Was God working on my patience?  In this day and age because we’ve been taught to do nothing but consume, instant gratification is the norm.  Was He teaching me to slow down because once this season of rearing children started, it would be the craziest ride which would pass much faster than my childhood?  It was after hearing those words I could rest.  An eternal peace concerning motherhood was laid upon my heart that day.  I let go and let God.

We now have two beautiful children and it is those words I still cling to when things just don’t go the way I think they should.  Or when I yell at the top of my lungs and then feel terrible about it.  If one thing holds true, it’s those words that were spoken to me…it’s a promise.  Not only is it a promise to me, but it’s  a promise to you.  He will teach you how to be responsible and show you how to be a good mother.  You just have to trust Him and love Him and let Him love on you.

If you’re curious about who the Holy Spirit is, please give this book a read.  It will open up a part of your christian walk that you never knew existed.  Also, if you enjoyed this post, I encourage you to leave a comment and connect with me through Instagram!

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