It’s time for Spring Essentials You Should Already Own Part Two! And today we’re talking denim.  Denim jeans have got to be the most favorite item to have in my closet and yet there is lack.  However, I’ve been very careful when curating my denim this year.  Although you can never have enough denim, I’ve learned that you can have to much of the wrong kind and fit.  The struggle, ya’ll!

Today I’m sharing with you my fave cuts and styles of denim jeans, and throw in a few adorable pieces.  As if denim jeans didn’t spice things up enough, I had to go and throw these lovelies in.  *rubs hands together with scheming look on face.

Before I  show you the goodies, I’d like to talk about my most fave cut of denim. Or if you prefer to skip to the bottom, be my guest!

Culottes – YASSSS!  Gimmie all the denim culottes!  The best pair I ever owned are Levi’s – so good! I love that I can dress these up or down.  Dress them down by wearing a simple tee with white sneakers.  Dress them up by tucking in a top that has some flow and adding a shoe with a heel.  You can see how I dressed my culottes up below.

denim culottes fall top


I’m mean, come on – these are so perfect!  You could wear these to church, brunch, lunch, dunch and diner! < tweet that!  These make me look  little taller when I add heels and I’m short, so I could use all the height I can get!  The above culottes are high waisted, which makes it a bit harder for me to wear since I have wide hips, but they also elongate that area helping me to look a bit taller.  Again, all the height I can get!

Culottes are definitely my favorite type of denim to wear and you can find so, so many great choices of culottes from certain brands, like Ever Lane.  Although the ones I just linked are not denim.  How could resist a culotte in general!? Cray!  Listed below are my fave cutes and affordable styles I founds and love so far!

What is your favorite style of denim to wear? Do you like rocking the straight leg, skinny jeans, culottes, high rise anything? Liked this post? Sign up for my newsletter below!

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