Who’s ready for Spring time, raise yoe hand!  It’s sooo close you all.  So close I can almost feel it. However, I cannot complain about the chilly days – when summer hits I’ll be complaining it’s too hot!

Since Spring is so close that we can practically touch it, I’m going over the key pieces you should already own, and if you don’t own these pieces – girl!  You better get ta shoppin!

When I think of Spring I think of casual style, I think of dressing with comfort and ease.  Dressing up the basics are one of my fave things to do when Spring rolls around, so that’s what we are going to focus on in this post today – the basics.  Over the course of a week or two, I’ll be taking you through my go-to styles and pieces for Spring 2018.  To kick off this fun ordeal, I’m starting with, in my humble opinion, the best piece of fashion on the planet – shoes!  Next we’ll be discussing denim, so be sure to sign up for my handy newsletter  below to stay updated.  Here we go!

I often find myself picking out the shoes I’m going to wear for the day before anything else.  In my opinion, shoes really set the tone and in most cases are the foundation of your outfit.  Below are my go to shoes for Spring.  All casual in my opinion and perfect for day wear. I’ve basically got all my faves covered.  Everything from canvas sneakers, espadrilles and flats.  Not to mention an amazing pair of Halston dupes in there, let see if you can spot them!  Any pair I’ve got listed below will set you on the right path for Spring!  So, which pair will you choose?


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I hope you find a cute pair of Spring shoes from my list! Make sure to check out my Shop, too for some more adorable shoes for Spring!

xo – Savvy

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