The time is coming to bust out the straw totes again.  I may be a bit early since Spring officially has yet to make it’s appearance, but ya know what?  I live in the south, so I can get away with it!  I’ve literally rounded up over 30 straw bags that tickle my fancy and should do the same for you, too!  All the bags are under $100 and oh so fun.  I even noticed my fave straw pom pom tote from last year made it’s debut again and it’s under $20! Eeek!  Grab it while you can – it’s the funnest!

Alright, on to the goodies!  Make sure to leave me a comment below letting me know your favorite bag and why!  I always love doing these round up for you beauties!

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Whatever you do, be good at it! 🙂
XO – Savvy

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