girl wearing vionic shoes

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girl wearing vionic shoes
girl wearing vionic shoes
girl wearing vionic shoes
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girl wearing vionic shoes

Hi sweet friend!

I’m so excited because today I get to share a brand that is helpful and nothing short of fabulous.  Enter Vionic Shoes, a shoe brand with amazing technology.  Before I delve into the sweet technology that makes up Vionic, let me first tell you my story.  It’s a bit personal and I’ve never shared it publicly, but if it will help just one person, then why not, am I right?

Genetics can either work for you or against you.  When it comes to feet, I’m afraid I got the latter. Bunions run in my family and not the kind you get from wearing heels all your life.  I’m talking about the kind that develop at a young age.  The kind that is no respecter of persons and could care less if you’ve worn fluffy unicorn slippers everyday.  It’s a genetic monster handed down generation to generation.  I developed bunions early on in my childhood and have always been self conscious about my feet up until a few years ago .

Needless to say my feet have always bothered due to bunions.  So much so, that I had a bunion-ectomy on my left foot. This is an invasive surgery for removing bunions and aligning bones to give the foot a more natural appearance.  Before surgery, my foot left foot would throb out of no where.  I would be sitting down reading a book and all of a sudden, a sharp pain would radiate through my entire bunion sending me into orbit.  Also, they’re not pretty to look at.  Although, I got over the unsightly-ness of my poor feet after my first pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with my first, my feet swelled up with tons of fluid and it was very painful to touch. After all the fluid left, I truly appreciated my poor feet for the first time in my life.

Fast forward almost 7 years later post surgery, I’m feeling issues start to arise again.  The arch of my foot is not where it should be, causing flair up’s and pain when I don’t have good support from a shoe or walking barefoot. I also have screws from the surgery slowly making their way out from the bone. It’s not fun to deal with bunions that give you issues to the point of surgery, but it had to be done. Anthough, the new procedure for bunion-ectomys is pretty amazing and I wish I would have waited further down the road to have it taken care of. I wouldn’t be experience the problems I’m having now, if I would have done so.

Needless to say, I was so excited Vionic reached out to me and educated me on their brand.  I’ve had these sneakers now, for about 2 weeks and love them so.  The arch support is amazing; the shoes promote natural alignment, a podiatrist designed the footbed and the styles are sooo adorable!

Vionic is truly a brand that is both functional and stylish.  Not to mention, they are APMA aproved.

“The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the leading resource for foot health information, representing 15,000 podiatrists across the U.S. Many Vionic products carry the APMA Seal of Acceptance, which certifies that they are beneficial in promoting foot health. Vionic is one of the few footwear brands with demonstrated ability to provide proper support.” – Vionic Shoes Website

Here are the many other styles I’m ridiculously in love with.  You can find a whole lot more at Vionic + here’s a code for $10 credit when you make your first purchase!

If you have any type of arch issue, I highly recommend Vionic.  I want almost every single pair of shoes they carry!

Do you have issues with your feet?  If so, how do you currently deal with those issues you’re experiencing?  Did you find that this post was informative and helpful? If so, please comment below and tell me your story if you’ve experienced something similar.

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