make one hundred dollars with reward style

make one hundred dollars with rewardstyle

Who’s got a love hate relationship with RewardStyle, please stand up, please stand up!

I mean, girl, you work so hard on your content and push it as far as it can go! We’ve all been there and quite frankly I’m still there, but it is what it is, am I right?

I finally made my first $100 after months of staring at my Rs dashboard waiting for that last $5 I needed to meet payout.  The angst was real, so real.   And don’t even ask me how I still had finger nails!  When I received notice via paypal that a payment had been made, I took snapshot of that baby and sent it to the hubs.  Needless to say he was like, about time!

So, are you doing everything you can possibly do to earn money on Rs with no avail?  If the answer is yes, I’ll be honest, I can’t help you!  But, if you need tips to add to your arsenal, I can be of some assistance!

Make Your First $100 With RewardStyle

I’m no RewardStyle expert, but I can tell you that the first and most important thing you can do is serving your community.  The more you understand your communities wants and needs, the more likely you are to make sales.  I haven’t quite achieved this goal yet.  So, If you’re on the right track let me know how it’s going and shoot this sister some helpful tips, will ya?

Get your family on board.  You have access to links, now use em’!  This year I made a wishlist for my birthday and Valentine’s Day to give to my husband.  Guess what it consisted of? Rs links!  That’s right!  I make a link list; my husband browses the items I’m wishing for, buys them, surprises me with whatever he purchased and also puts a little surprise in my RewardStyle account.  Some people might say that’s cheating or you can’t do that.  Rubbish until I hear otherwise.  If you were an online stylist sending your clients links to purchase items you personally curated for them, would you think it were cheating then? Let’s suppose one of those clients uses a link you’ve sent and gifts you a little somthing, somthing from that list, as a sweet way to say “thank you!”…That’s what I thought!

Create killer content.  My most popular posts to date are my SheIn post’s you can find here and here.  Before you run off to create a SheIn Wish list of your own, let me first point out that I run a budget friendly fashion blog.  Remember when I mentioned community?  The items I’m sourcing might not be what your community is in to and thats okay!  Just figure out what works for you and your community!  Rest assure though, if you create visually amazing content that serves a purpose, they. will. come.

Create constant content.  While I was waiting in angst for that last $5 to go through, I was not creating much content.  (When you’re in the middle of a reno three hours away and have two kids both under three, it’s a bit tough to do anything…don’t judge!) However, before the reno I had content that was generating sales.  The sales were coming in waves but I had to wait until each of the sales were in the clear per the brands return policy.  Does that make sense to you?  If it doesn’t, let me know and we can chat about it!  My point being, create consistent content and your dollar signs will rise.  Maybe not as fast as you’d like, but hey…good things take time!

Girl, you better make a page for that!  I always make a dedicated page for weekly sales and gift guides.  Pretty much everyone is doing it…so you should too.  (j/k) But, seriously, in plain sight and easily accessible will get you more clicks!

Utilize brand banners and links in your sidebar.  You can find banners under the “advertisers” tab.  Also, I like to feature the places I shop and brands to invest in on my side bar.  Mix it up and make it your own, but keep your community in mind!  Remember community is key!

Utilize the RewardStyle blog. Duh, Savannah! My account has been messed up for the longest time and I haven’t been able to view any of the Rs blog posts up until recently.  Umm, yeah…there are so many helpful tip on the Rs blog!

Share the visuals you design on Pinterest! People LOVE visuals, It’s just the times we live in. When I share, I make sure to share the image that has been tagged using the “Money Spot” app. That way when someone clicks over to my blog, the same image I shared on Pinterest is now clickable.

Let me end this post off with a positive vibe if you’re still feeling overwhelmed!  I believe having faith you can achieve what may feel impossible, makes it possible.  Stay persistent, focus on your community and create content people can use.  Wow!  I feel like I should take my own advice?  On that note, good luck babes!  I believe in you!

Need a referral to Rs? Please let me know!  They have affiliate program perks for users who have referred someone that’s accepted in to the platform.

XO – Savvy

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