top 7 podcasts I'm loving

So, you’re curious about muh top podcasts faves, huh?

I’m always in need of a new podcast to listen to.  Something tells me so are you!  Today I’m sharing the 7 podcasts I listen to religiously and cannot get enough of.  I hope you’re comfy and have your phone ready to subscribe to these amazing podcasts, below.

top podcasts I'm loving

Just within the past two years I’ve become a regular podcast listener. With two kids and very limited me time, podcasts have helped to keep me from going insane. I love that I can listen away while doing laundry or showering – since thats my only alone time.

This list consists of podcasts for social media; blogging, personal empowerment, faith and a little something I like to call, “please help me with my kids, podcast”.  If you have kids then your in luck.  If not, then skip ahead to numero dos!  Let’s get started, shall we?

goal digger podcast, becoming fearless podcast, the influencer podcast

    1. John Rosemond Podcast – I cannot speak more highly about a parenting podcast than this podcast by John Rosemond.  A Christian and parenting psychologist who calls psychology out on all it’s bologna.  John Rosemond uses biblical principles and those good old fashioned techniques your great, great grandmother used to rear her own children, to help the lost moms and dads of the 2000’s.  Alas, there is a handbook for those of us who have steered away from using any common sense to raise children.  A few books I recommend.  Making The Terrible Two’s Terrific, & Parenting By The Book and of course The John Rosemond Podcast. (*Note his podcast is actually a radio show that gets downloaded to itunes a week after airing.  Find a list of stations by clicking the podcast link.)  My oldest is amazing and I couldn’t have gotten through age two without the principles he shares .  These principals I will carry with me forever and I know my children will too.  Hope you momma’s check it out! *note these principals are Gods principals and his teachings do not replace The Bible or The Holy Spirit.  I believe he has a calling on his life to help parents use common sense while simultaneously grasping Christian morals first and foremost.
    2. The Influencer Podcast – With host Julie Solomon a New York Times best-selling publicist and co-owner of OMG! Publicity.  Julie Solomon invites the best of the best to speak on her podcast. Her guests give listeners inside tips, tricks and straight up baller information to help you rock whatever it is your trying to rock for your brand. Plus, Julie Solomon is one savvy babe herself!  I love the guests she invites to speak as they each have their own unique strengths and talents.  You could say an accumulation of all her guest speakers would equal one heck of a business.  Putting all of those brains together would basically break the internet!  You need this The Influencer Podcast if you’re an influencer.  Point blank!
    3. Becoming Fearless – I sigh a little when I think about this podcast.  Truly this podcast is the definition of becoming fearless.  Annie Spano of Style Collective, my boss and total boss babe, launched Becoming Fearless back in May of 2017.  Through the not so pleasant encounter with a “work bully”,  Annie developed a drive to help other women succeed.  Her desire created Style Collective and now she shines with her recent launch of the Becoming Fearless Podcast.  The women she invites on have all had their struggles, but have combated a multitude of obstacles.  They’re talented; raw, they’ve all stared defeat in the face and won.  Simply put, they’re fearless.  The Becoming Fearless Podcast will make you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say “I. can. do. this. and I will“!  Listen to the Becoming Fearless podcast for some heartfelt conversation, meaningful encouragment and fearless motivation.
    4. Goal Digger – A podcast by Jenna Kutcher.  She’s a wedding photographer, educator, artist and a gal who love some mac-n-cheese.  Had you at the mac-n-cheese, right!?  Me too! The Goal Digger Podcast, in my honest opinion, is geared towards businesses that sell a tangible product or service and less geared towards the “influencer”.  However, if you blog for income than you’ve got yourself a business!  There are plenty of takeaways from the Goal Digger Podcast that flow into the influencer realm in one way or another.  Jenna does have a fabulous Pinterest Lab.  A course to help boost Pinterest traffic and more.  I’m in the middle of it now and love it so far. I recommend the Goal Digger Podcast to anyone wanting to work on creating better content, honing in of business strategies and Pinterest techniques.
    5. BossGirl Creative – A podcast hosted by Taylor Bradford with tips, tricks for bloggers, influencers, whatever you want to call yourself.  This podcast was the very first blogging podcast I ever listened to and still avidly listen to today.  Taylor is amazing in the blogging realm and shares such great information to help further you along.  With tips on improving bounce rates, link building, newsletter strategies, monetization and ridiculously so much more.  As a blogger herself, learning as she goes.  Taylor has been through it all and wants to share with others what she knows so they don’t have struggle.  Cause, yall!  The struggle is real.  Definitely listen to BossGirl Creative if you need help with anything blogging related.
    6. Faith Life Church – A podcast by Faith Life Church in New Albany, OH pastored by Gary & Drenda Keesee.  Besides my girl Joyce Meyer, this podcast, which is the for Sunday sermons at Faith Life Church, is by far my most loved podcast.  Gary Keesee has an unmistakable way of sharing how the kingdom operates in our families and finances.  Him and his wife alike, have a calling on their lives to share principles taught to them by The Holy Spirit.  If you really want a clear understanding of the bible, this Faith Life Church podcast is for you!  Not to mention, they have a TV show on DayStar, among other networks.
    7. Enjoying Everyday Life – Joyce Myer was the first person I ever listened to in the Christian realm.  I remember thinking “this is super weird” while listening to her podcasts.  I always considered myself a Christian but never took the appropriate steps to learn what that truly meant.  Which is probably why I thought listening to teaching was a weird thing. Joyce Meyer has a way of getting the point across in a manner that can speak to anyone.  It’s raw, to the point, not fluffed up nor watered down.  If you’ve just begun your walk, start with Enjoying Everyday Life by Joyce Meyer.  I also have her bible and LOVE it!

We’ll babe!  I hope you liked this list and have now gained a few new listening faves.  If you have any podcasts you think I’d like, please do share – I’d LOVE to hear what they are!  Make sure to stop by Insta to let me know what your fave podcasts are.

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top podcasts I'm loving

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