end of summer dress

end of summer dress

end of summer dress

end of summer dress

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Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel all the Fall feels just yet!  I however, will be doing just that but not before going out with a summery bang.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much I love wearing white pieces.  There’s something about a crisp white piece of clothing that looks so fresh.  I would honestly wear all white if I knew my babies wouldn’t waller all over me and get me dirty – I love my kiddo’s though, so waller away they will!

This embroidered dress from Shein is so fun and perfect for a breezy beach day.  If you live somewhere that stays warm through Fall, I’d say this dress is a winner.  I paired it with some striking red mules that I will be pulling out all the stops with this Fall.  The thing I love most about my dress, is the fact it works great with a pair of platform espadrilles.  I previously paired it with some white espas and it gave me a sporty/casual/cute kind of look.  Not only is it great as just a dress – it’s perfect for a beach cover up!  Also, the quality is top notch and the embroidery is gorgeous.

One thing to take into account if you order dresses like mine is, measure the length.  I’m 5’4″ and this dress seems a tad bit too short because of the style.  The dress flares out and gives you lots of room.  However, because of the style it seems shorter.  For example, my white denim mini skirt doesn’t seem that short because the material hugs the sides of my thighs.  This dress flares and gives room, so it feels shorter even though it’s basically the same length as my mini skirt.  Either way, it’s so fun!

What will you babes be wearing till the leaves start turning?  Are you in a place that stays warm through Fall?  I would love to know what it’s like to live in a place with a breezy type of Fall!  #dreams

Before you go, check out this budget friendly Fall look! And here is where you can find my amazing tassel earrings – Rylee Leigh

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

xo – Savvy

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