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Happy “National Simplify Life Week”!  Who couldn’t use an entire week to do some simplifying?  I know my life could always use a once over at least every six months.  I was reflecting on a few goals today when I realized that it’s time to use some tricks to simplify life.  After all it is July and the year is coming to an end very soon.  Totally know I’m getting ahead of myself, but hey!  Never hurts to reevaluate and reassess your goals.

Today where talking about simplifying your life, but not the kind that goes all minimalistic, crazy.  I’ll be honest, I like things!  Minimalism is not my style, but doing my best to stay organized and not let my things own me, is.

So, how does one simplify thy life?  I can tell you how I simplify mine and suggest some things, but really it’s up to you and your lifestyle.  Take the suggestions below and taylor them to your liking, either way, you’ll be glad you did something to simplify.

The 5 Top Way’s To Simplify Life In 2017

1. Get Organized – How, oh so cliche of me!  But, getting organized is the number one way to simplify things. We go through what we have, we organize it, then we un-clutter it.  Go through all of your belongings that have been bothering you or piling up, organize them into categories and then chuck the things you don’t need.  Also, if you’ve been holding on to somthing that is not serving you, then you’re serving it.  By allowing this item to take up dwelling space and I’m sure thought space, then it adds to the clutter you could potentially cut down on.  Did I get a little minimalistic? Maybe!  Remember, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Items to help you with desk organization
2. Brain Dump – Once all the clutter is out of the way and you’ve organized your belongings.  Brain dump everything you’ve got going on inside that medulla oblongata.  JUST GET IT ALL OUT!  Did I say that loud enough? Brain dump your goals, your to do’s.  Write down the things that make you happy.  Simplifying doesn’t have to stop with tangible space.  Put those thoughts on organized display and watch your goals happen and to-do’s get taken care of just by GETTING IT ALL OUT. One more shout for good measure!

Items to help organize a brain dump
simplify life
3. Become A Creature Of Habit – We all know the saying – “It takes 30 day’s to form a habit”.  Which leads me to my next suggestion, become a creature of habit.  The better you are at forming good habits with organization, the longer your life with be simplified.  I know it’s super challenging, but just give yourself some grace and push through it sister!  Take it one day at a time,  it’s like eating healthy.  I don’t want to, but I know it’s good for me and I see results when I follow through.  Forming a good habit is parallel to eating healthy.  Stick to it and you’ll see results.

simplify life

4. Learn To Say No – We don’t like telling anyone “no”.  Sometimes though, it’s the right thing to do.  If you take a week out of every month to tell someone “no”, think of everything you could get done.  If you could get everything you need, done.  Think of how many things you could potentially say yes to.  It’s all about balance and not overwhelming yourself.  If you create balance in your life, you have the ability to give more of yourself to others without being overwhelm yourself.  Make sense?  If you find yourself overwhelmed, say no a little more often.  Take time to refocus on things that need to get done and then allow yourself to say yes when your ready. It’s amazing how saying no can simplify life so much.

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5. Girlfriend, Disconnect – This one is so so hard for those of us today. Growing up in the age of technology, it’s just become a part of life.  It’s not a bad thing, but disconnecting every once in a while is a great thing.  If you work from home blogging, in the tech industry or your a virtual assistant like myself.  It’s so hard to step away.  This is why I find the above techniques so important.  If you can implement the above techniques, disconnecting can come with ease.  If your organized your work will flow. Brain dump all ideas and you’ll get creative. Become a creature of habit and you’ll be able to disconnect like a champ.  Everything ties into one thing or another and has the potential to flow seamlessly together.

simplify life

My point is, you are completely capable of simplifying things in your life.  You just have to chip away one day at a time. As the old saying goes, “life is a marathon, not a sprint”.  Do you have any tips that could help others simplify there lives even more?  I’d love to hear your thought’s on the matter!  I’m always looking for way to simplify! Also, here’s a great post about taking better care of those budget friendly clothes!  Leave your ideas in the comment section below and I can’t to chat again soon!

Chow, babes!

XO- Savvy


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