I bet everyone is really curious to know what’s been going on behind the scenes over on Instagram.  With all the comment/like pod talk and leaving them far behind and in the dust, I feel as if my Insta has been under the microscope.  I’m sure some of you are wondering if I will rise or fall and we both know I’m talking numbers!  If you been eyeing my Insta and have seen my numbers fall, I’m sure you think I’ve been regressing.  What I have to say next might surprise you!

Since breaking up wth my comment and like pods, I had to take a step back and reflect on my situation and where to go next.  I’ve worked really hard to grow as much as I have in such a short period of time.  Maybe not as hard as some, but given the fact I’ve got two kids and one was a newborn at the time of starting this journey, I’d say I’ve done pretty well!

Before I begin talking IG and explaining what my account is going through, you’ve got to read  Why I left All Of My Instagram Pods & What’s Next.  I strongly urge you, it’s a two minute read at most!  It explains exactly what the title states and then some.

The first thing I want to discuss here is the simple fact that brands are no longer looking so strongly at your number of followers.  So if you’re thinking about buying your way up the IG success chain,  I strongly suggest taking a step back.  What I believe brands are now looking for are a combination of all things.  Let’s just say you have 2k followers on Instagram, but your engagement is 200 likes per post and you get a lot of genuine feed back from authentic followers.  A brand is more likely to invest in you to expand their reach.  Not only that, but the mere fact you genuinely connect with your audience is a huge plus for you as a brand.

When I’m scrolling through Instagram or looking at the profile of someone who’s followed me.  I can tell a lot about that persons account.  It drives me bonkers when someone follows me and has 15k followers, they’re following 200 and have only posted 215 pictures.  Anyone?…let’s not cue the crickets here, people!  You know exactly what I mean.   If you notice it, how much more do brands who are paying these people notice it?  You get the jist, you’re all smart cookies.

On to the tactics I’ve taken and what I believe my account is going through.  After I left all of my comment and like pods on Instagram, Annie Spano of Style Collective hosted a live IG event and totally confirmed my feelings on the matter.  Quite frankly, I was happy I made the choice but scared out of my whits all at the same time.  What if I fail?  Oh, but darling what if you fly!?  

Since June 13th, my Instagram has undergone many changes.  So let’s discuss what I’ve done thus far and the changes that have taken place!

Change Numero Uno.  I went through the entire list of people I had been following and deleted EVERYONE I did not resonate with.  With the hopes of building my numbers, I would follow everyone regardless if I connected with their content or not.  This was stupid and it does not work.  After deleting a large number of people, I believe my personal algorithm changed.  I had almost 40 people unfollow at the same time.  95% of those who un followed me, I hadn’t been following in return.  This is not a bad thing though.

Since June 13th I’ve lost hundreds of followers.  But you probably wouldn’t have noticed such a dramatic change because the amount of new followers I’ve gained has evened it out.

The tactics I’ve taken are simple.  I don’t buy followers, I don’t follow accounts that I have no interest in, I don’t follow/unfollow.  More importantly, I’ve stopped focusing on my numbers and have started focusing on creating relationship with others.  If you focus on that alone the numbers will come, it just takes patients.  The bloggers who’ve been around for a long while and have a strong following, they did it this way.  They didn’t buy their way up the Insta chain!  Buying followers didn’t exist when they did it!  If they can do it, so can you!

So your take away today is, just be real with yourself and those around you.  Don’t focus on your numbers, focus on creating relationship that will last.  The followers will always come and go, but if you stay true to those things it won’t matter.  Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so take the narrow path, hustle hard and be true to yourself and those around you. You will thank yourself in the long run!

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained much needed inspo to keep trucking forward with your dreams!

XO – Savvy

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