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Take better care of your clothing
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Keep clothing longer


Today I’m comin’ atcha with some tips to keep your clothes in tip top condition.  I’ll be sharing my secrets on how I went from being ultra distructor with my cheaper pieces, to a gentle lady!

It’s no secret if you know me. I go through clothing like men go through underwear!  I usually filter out my closet every 6 months or so.  I give some pieces away and then sell the rest.

I decided months ago that I was no longer going to pay astronomical prices for clothing anymore.  Unless it’s a staple piece for a great price or something timeless!  So basic pieces like tops, tank tops and leggings, I try not to pay over $20 dollars for.


When you purchase cheaper items like this, you have to take extra precautions to keep them in tip-top shape, longer.

Which leads me to all the tricky ways I keep my clothing from tattering as soon as they go through their first wash!

Let’s begin, shall we?

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Take Better Care Of Your Clothing With These 4 Tips

I do not use fabric softener.
Fabric softener has always been a topic of discussion for those looking to preserve and lengthen the life of anything being washed. Some fabric softeners have harsh chemicals which lead others to believe that it could break down fibers and ruin clothing quicker. I happened to notice my white’s stay whiter after leaving the fabric softener on the shelf! Product build-up can turn those white’s into…well…not so white anymore, which is why I think I’m better off.  Plus, my daughter has very sensitive skin and fabric softener causes her irritation.  If fabric softener is a must for you, I suggest this brand.

I use washable garment bags
This is one major switch I have made to keep my clothing from being ruined quicker. I’ve always known that garment bags were a good idea, but always refused to fork out the extra cash to purchase them. I don’t know why because they are super cheap! I personally like this set since it has every type of bag one would need to wash dedicates! I use them for all of my bras, thin t’s, tops, delicate dresses and of course lingerie and lulu.

I hang dry my sensitive pieces as much as possible.
The dryer can take a ridiculous toll on cheaper items of clothing and all clothing for that matter. We never think about how much lint comes out of the dryer after everything is done drying! That lint belonged somewhere…on your clothing…and now it’s about to go in your trashcan. So the next time you find a random hole in one of your favorite t’s that you purchased from H&M two weeks ago, remember, it might be better to line dry it next time! Here’s a great space saver and this one could double as a really cool clothing rack.

I don’t wear it for 30 minutes then throw it in the dirty laundry.
This was a HUGE obstacle for me, folks! I was horrible at wearing an item of clothing for 1 hour, maybe 3 and then tossing it in the dirty laundry. My clothing was getting washed waaay to often, resulting quicker wear and tear. I’m just like a guy when it comes to my clothing now. I administer the “smell test” and I’m not afraid to admit it! If I wear it once and only for a few hours and not to the gym…if I ever go…I put it right back on a hanger and not in the dirty laundry.  I just had to get over my own anxiety of feeling icky, when, my clothes were just not icky after wearing them for an hour or so.  If you perspire a lot, I could understand how this just wouldn’t work for you and that’s okay!  Taking any of the above precautions to preserve the life of your clothing is a good start!  Here’s an organic clothing refresher with essential oils that sounds like it would smell yummy!

Do you have any tip’s you’d like to share that help you preserve and maintain your clothing’s integrity!? Don’t be shy, please leave your tips in the comment section below and share the love with everyone!

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