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The Christmas holiday is only a week away and if you haven’t made your home all nice and cozy for those guests, there is still time!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite and most easy ways to add some winter charm to your home.  If your anything like me, then your family is always on the go.  We tackle things last minute around these parts, so no hassle decor is always a must.  I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman’s Florida office to style a warm and inviting mood board for the holidays.  So today I’m sharing a few easy ways to spruce up your home into a cozy, cocoa sipping, fire sitting dream!

Numero one on my list is candles.  Candles are always the very first thing I pull out of my arsenal closet of holiday goodies.  The scent of one small pine candle can evoke so many memories and put you in that holiday mood.  When purchasing candles, I look for something that will go with my everyday decor, but also looks festive and can fit into every holiday category.  Below is an example of a few candles I would definitely purchase for my own set up
Next on my list is wreaths.  Wreaths are the second item I pull out of my arsenal closet of holiday goodies!  In fact, I put up all my wreaths the day after Thanksgiving…Yup, I’m one of those. I hang wreaths on the exterior of every door and also garland around the exterior door frames.  I even hang wreaths from my interior windows.  I stick with simple garland garnished with pinecones and berries.  It doesn’t scream “Christmas”, but it does look elegantly festive.

christmas wreaths

The last simple tip on my list is throw pillows.  My biggest tip when it comes to purchasing throw pillows is, always buy throw pillows that have a removable case.  A lot of the time I see throw pillows from department stores where the case cannot be removed.  I avoid these at all cost, I don’t care how much I love it.  If the cover is not removable, then I don’t buy it.

The reason I stick to this rule, you ask!  Taste is always changing and evolving and if you have kids like I do, then something without a removable cover will easily get destroyed.  Also, pillow covers are easier to sell second hand if your tastes does happen to change, before a pillow without a removable cover.  Not to mention covers are easier to switch out and you can store away covers easier than a whole pillow!  Here are a few different pattern combinations of fun holiday pillows I absolutely love!

holiday pillows

Here are a few pictures of my home below!

blog holiday decor



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