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The time has finally come to reveal the craft room and all it’s fun features.  What started out as my husbands shed, has now morphed into a fun and chic craft room.  

Before we dive into the changes, I’d like to thank WallPaper Direct for their sponsorship.  They graciously gifted me wallpaper in exchange for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

albany deer hide wallpaper direct

When my husband and I first started this project, I was over the moon.  With a new baby on the way, meant no room for my husband to have is own office anymore.  I had already turned our guest room into a nursery for baby number 1, so I literally had no space to myself.

With the new challenges of lack of space we knew we would be facing, we decided to do some renovating.  With a game plan in mind, we went to measuring and dreaming of our new space.

My husband had already turned the carport into his gym by enclosing it, this would become his new office space.  The only challenge was to turn his unlivable shed that connects to his gym into something other than an eye-soar!

You can see how the shed looked before renovating HERE.  Believe me you, it was terrible and I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel!  To see all the progress posts, you can check out the links HERE, HERE and HERE!

When WallPaperDirect contacted me, I literally jumped up on the couch and screamed for joy.  My husband thought something was wrong as I clearly stunned him with my excitement!  Once I told him the news and how much I loved WallPaperDirect, he simply shrugged and said “that’s neat”….Husbands will never understand!

It took me quite a while to find the right wallpaper for our project.  I had never worked with wallpaper before and the space was still developing, so choosing the perfect fit took longer than expected for me.

It was nice working with WallPaperDirect since they offer free samples and have a wallpaper calculator on their site, which makes ordering a breeze. They also offer free shipping on orders over $150 and have over 10,000 products on their site.

Ultimately, I chose Deer Hide in Natural from their Albany collection. This wallpaper looks so warm and fuzzy and since not ever working with wallpaper, I thought it would be a soft texture.  Not for sure what I was thinking, but it’s more of a plastic type texture.  The biggest bonus is, it’s easy to wipe clean!  Every mom worries about that when toddlers come to mind

Just a side note, my daughters craft room reveal will be up in a few months as well.  We decided to homeschool, so we are now changing things up, but the wallpaper of course will be staying the same since I love it so much!

On to the finished project! Warning, I’m no photographer, so sorry for the pictures!

cute ginger jars wallpaperdirect

cute abstract wallpaperdirect

office reveal wallpaperdirect

animal print wallpaperdirect

ginger jars and animal print wallpaperdirect

children's reading tentvwallpaperdirect

wallpaper and art wallpaperdirect

albany deer hide wallpaperdirect

Below is a picture of my daughter!  She loves her new craft room and my office too!

wallpaper direct

Working with WallpaperDirect was so easy and they really help when trying to measure for the amount of space you have to wallpaper.  I had limit a on the amount of wallpaper I could received, so I splurged on as much of this wallpaper as I could.

I love it so much, I will absolutely be using it in another part of my home or even a new home one day. Hopefully that will be in our future soon!

Do you have any plans to redecorate or renovate in the near future?  Will you be using wallpaper?  If so, I highly suggest working with Wallpaper Direct.  They have a HUGE selection of wallpaper which is sure not to disappoint!

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