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Bathroom Update-
I often wonder how I’m still able to blog about my home and all it’s happenings!  3.5 weeks left in this pregnancy and I know people are thinking I’m crazy with all I’ve been up to.  I just can’t stand that my home is still unfinished after 6 years….6 YEARS, y’all!

I live in a pretty remote place with the nearest Target an hour away.  This has always been my excuse when purchasing items for my home.  The shops are too far, I can never find what I truly want so I end up filling my home with junk I don’t like.

This self awareness of putting off decorating my home, has lead me to internet shopping and thrifting.

Just a little snippet of what it’s like to walk in my non-commital, schizophrenic shoes.  I’m getting better, I promise!

Now, on to why I’m really writing this post.

My guest bathroom has been bugging me recently.  Really my entire new addition, but I won’t overwhelm you just yet.  One step-at-a-time!  I’ve decided it just needs some character, along with the rest of my home. For now, I will focus on the bathroom since it’s such a small space.  I just purchased a rug from eSaleRugs, like, seriously 5 minutes ago!  Can you tell I’m excited…who wouldn’t be with a one-of-a-kind rug.  I highly suggest checking them out! Below is a picture of my soon to be new rug, isn’t it amazing?  Well, I sure think so!

accent rug

From this rug, I came up with this design board below.

bathroom design

The rug contains a multitude of colors, but the two that stick out to me most are pink and royal blue.  A few months ago while scouring my local thrift shop.  I found a fantastic vintage bamboo mirror, quite similar to the one pictured.  I’m taking the royal blue from the rug and painting my bamboo mirror a navy or something brighter.

The white frames, I’m simply adding gold L brackets to and the current light fixture will be getting sprayed in black with a satin finish.  As for the current shower curtain, it’s totally getting sold or given away or chucked.  Which ever one come first! I will replace it with a striped shower curtain for sure!

As for the paint color, I’ve learned to pick them last!  My husband hates to paint, so I’m all by my lonesome in that department.  I find picking the most crucial piece last is less stress on me.

What do you all think of this bathroom design?  I’m pretty much loving it!  If you love it too, don’t forget to share and subscribe!


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