make two dressers one

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It’s finally here, the day I get to reveal half of my awesome IKEA hack dresser to  you all!  I haven’t really wrote much about this dresser.  Mainly because I’ve been all out of sorts with this pregnancy.  By saying all out of sorts, I just mean exhausted.  It also doesn’t help that I feel like a stuffed turkey during the day and a beached whale at night!

On to the fun stuff…

The dresser was a tough decision when designing this space for my son.  When it comes to decorating my home, I’m schizophrenic and can never make up my mind.  I love all styles of design but have a hard time mixing them.  Anyone else have that problem too?

I decided to go with two cheap RAST dressers from IKEA.  I really wanted the dresser to match the crib somewhat and I think I nailed it.

ikea hack

My husband and I tackled this IKEA project together and that totally has him pumped for future DIY’s.  I personally think he just likes being mentioned on my blog….but shh….don’t tell him I said that!  He has mentioned we should do a blog together so who knows, The Perfected Mess might re-brand one day!

I started out by putting the dressers together, this was not a job for my husband since he hates putting together IKEA furniture.  I’m lucky to have a stronger set of patients.  Also, just to throw it out there.  I left the kick plates off of both dressers until assembled. I wasn’t a fan of leaving the kick plates where they would normally go on the RAST since we decided to add legs.  We screwed in the kick plates flush with the drawers and filled the original holes.  This made it feel like the dressers were meant to have legs and not just a dresser you randomly added legs to.

a few pics down, you can see where we placed the kick plates on the dresser.  I think it looks so much cleaner. In this picture, my husband is adding a pice of wood for the purpose of adding legs to the dresser.

ikea assembly

kick plate

We used a spackle to fill the holes we had left open from not placing the kick plate in the designated spot.

ikea hack

After we finished assembling the dressers, we attached the two together with  screws.  We used screws because we wanted to be able to take them apart, if need be.

Here’s what the back looked like. (upside down).

ikea hack

Here’s the front. (right side up)  You can see how great the kick plate looks flush with the drawers.  I think it would have looked so weird if they weren’t flush and we added legs.  I’ve seen it done before and I’m totally not a fan!

ikea hack

After the dresser was screwed together, my husband went to work on the legs and I went to staining.  The staining took me three days, but was totally worth it!  Plus, it was so hot in that shed I could only do one coat per day.  Below you can see the finished stained frame.

ikea hack

I used a Chestnut colored stain by Minwax on the frame and for the drawers, I used a natural stain also by Minwax.  After the entire pieces was to my liking, I sealed it three times with polycrylic.

Below you can see the drawers stained in natural.  They don’t look much different than the unstained wood, but are a tad bit warmer.  The gloss finish adds such a nice touch.

ikea hack

Here’s the finished stained product in all it’s glory.  If your wondering where in the world the hardware is, you’ll have to wait for that!  I’m more excited about the hardware than I am about the easy assembly of this piece!

rattan car

mid century IKEA dresser

mid century IKEA dresser

mid century ikea hack for boy nursery

make two dressers one


What do you all think?  Love it?  It was super easy, except for braving the heat to stain it!

Stay tuned for the hardware installation, it’s gonna be amazing.  I’m resurrecting a 4 year old blog post that I ran across a last month.  EVERYONE needs to see this post!  It’s a post that will NEVER go out of style and it’s started my DIY obsession!

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