Old Rattan Stool Gets A New Lifenew stool

Do you remember a few months back when the mention of a rattan stool came up?  Welp, it just so happens I’ve actually set aside some time to fix that cute little thing up and make it new again!

I haven’t decided if I should leave it au natural or paint it.  Most would tell me to keep it natural and I myself have a hard time thinking about covering it’s rico suave beauty!

The stool had caning, but unfortunately did not come with it when I picked it up.  Instead, it came with a cheap upholstered top in a horrendous fabric.  No joke..you can see below!


Yuck….You can tell slightly from the picture below that this stool did have caning.  So sad it wasn’t in original condition.  On Craigslist the description stated it was covered in new fabric….nope…


I started by sanding down the stool using 150 grit sand paper. The stool had wood glue in various places that I sanded off. I didn’t go crazy with the sanding, but sanded just enough to rough up the finish.


You can see the difference in the last two picture below after sanding.  The last picture was after the stool was wiped clean.



After sanding, the stool looked so much smother and almost new.  If I do decided to keep the original finish, I will be using Restore-A-Finish in a natural.  If I decide to paint it, I might be going for a navy of some sort.  I’m really loving Old Navy by Benjamin Moore 

As for the upholstered top, I’m going to get a thicker foam, cut it to fit and use a nice chinoiserie inspired fabric!  Of course, this will be just for decoration.  I plan on putting it under my “soon-to-be” parsons console that my husband and I will be building soon!  Here’s the fabric I’m feeling, below!

fabric swatches


I was feeling a little spunky with 3 and 5!

These are all from Tonic Living, but there are some you can find else where for just a tab bit cheaper by the yard.  Who doesn’t love Tonic Living though!?

I’ll be excited to show everyone the finished product!  Later this week, I should have a bad to the bone IKEA RAST mid century hack with home-made lucite drawer pulls, up on the blog.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!


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