This year has been a whirl wind of great and not so great moments, but I’m happy to say the previous season is now behind me. I’m ready to move forward with my sails down, seizing all of God’s glorious wind as He propels me towards His will. This year, my little babe turned one! I couldn’t be anymore thrilled with watching her grow.

I decided to take a backseat from my career a few months ago and it’s been the best decision of my life! I love doing hair, but ladies, if you can come home to your little ones…….do it! Yes! it was a hard decision to make. I was unsure about how coming home would affect me. Would I get bored? Would I feel unimportant? How would I make money? Would I feel undifined and how could I define myself if I felt lost in society’s eye’s?…….. Wait a minute…….Breath……..Did the Devil just hand me a lick of nonsense or what? Who get’s bored with a 1 year old? My baby depends on every move I make, unimportant?…..I’m the most important thing in her life and society can kiss it! No one deifnes me but my savior and He will give me grace for every challenge I face!…….The money part, well, I’m still working on that! I like to refurbish furniture, like, a lot! Maybe that will produce an income of some sorts! In the mean time I’m tackeling projects that have laid untouched in over 5 years……….Yes, people, 5 years! I have finally hung picture frames (with pictures in them) on my walls. My hallway is no longer bare boned and I sigh a sigh of relief when walking to or from my kitchen! It still needs some work, but I’ve got plenty of time!

I’m happy with mine and my husbands decision to come home for my girls (both my pups are girly’s too) and of course for my husband. This change free’s him up to make fincial decisions to secure our families future. What isn;t important about that!? Are you thinking about coming home and struggling with decision to do so? What thoughts do you have about leaving the work force to come home and maintain your family and home? I’d love to hear!


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5 thoughts on “Baby, I’m Coming Home!

  • These decisions are so hard. I’m mostly at home with our 2 under 2 but I also work 10 hours a week and trying to make space for everything can be a challenge. I keep reminding myself that it’s only a season, that making it work this way is a gift, because it means I have a family to take care of. But it is hard.


      Hi Lindsey! I couldn’t argee with you more! Decisions like this are tough, tiresome and always a touch of trial and error. That’s great you get to spend lots of time with your kiddos! It seems like the days go by so much faster than they used to, right? You know, I used to dread seasons of struggle, but after having my daughter I’m able to appreciate them so much more. I try and take on a season of struggle full force and know God is stretching, shaping and loving on me. Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts with me! It lifts my spirits knowing other mama’s out there know where I’m coming from!

  • It was such a blessing to read your post. I found it via the Peony Project Facebook! My mama stayed at home for me growing up and I always, always praise her for the hard work, 24/7 work she put into raising 4 kids! Kuddos to you on your new adventure 🙂


      Hi Mary! Thats awesome your mom was able to stay home with you. It’s so great to hear you say you praised her for her efforts! I know my daughter will blossom into such a wonderful person. It’s our job as mothers to keep our kiddos secure, on the straight and narrorw and guide them during difficult seasons. I know I can provide that for my daughter and that comforts me deeply! Thank you again for reading!

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